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We offer a variety of Programs to fit each families needs.  With demanding jobs, busy lifestyles, and hectic days, Little Berries Preschool is here to help! Our part-time or full-time programs are here for you and your family. 

Preschool Classes:

The Nursery

For Infants, ages 6 weeks to 1 year, or until walking.

In this classroom, infants follow their own schedules, which parents or guardians provide.  They eat, sleep, play, and are changed at parents request, or as needed. Our Care givers provide individualized care for each infant, following our Theme Based Curriculum, encouraging completion of milestones, cognitive and physical development.


For Toddlers ages one year (Or walking) through two and a half years old. 

Once your infant has had their First Birthday, and are walking, they are placed in the Toddlers Classroom.  Here, their development skyrockets! Their physical development is astonishing, as well as their cognitive, and social-emotional development.  In this class they learn how to socialize, make friends, and co-exist with other children.  They learn how to talk and vocalize, they learn how to dance, hop, wiggle, run, and so much more!  


Your child will be turning 3 years old shortly after graduating to the Pre-K class, and it is a huge milestone! If not potty trained, children in this class must be in training. 

Here, the teacher goes more in depth with the curriculum, and incorporates it to each center of the classroom.  The teacher carefully plans the week according to the  Theme, making sure to adapt all activities according to their development and needs.  They practice writing skills, math, science, art, and so much more!


More Programs...

​​Before & After Care

Many Parents have difficulties getting to work on time in the morning due to school buses, car pool lines, and hectic mornings.  Little Berries Preschool has a Before & After Care Program to ease your day!  Elementary School Children are able to get dropped off as early as Opening Time, where breakfast will be Provided, and their School bus will pick them up at our center for our Before Care Program. We also Have After Care Program where the school bus can drop of your child at the center, an afternoon snack will be provided to them and they are able to be picked up by closing time, 


"Referral" Program
Any family who is currently enrolled into Little Berries has the opportunity to receive an $100 credit to their account by providing a referral! 

If the referred child is successfully enrolled into our program, the family who has referred him/her will receive the credit on their next week pay period. 


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